If you found the previous page difficult with your browser, I work in a ghetto.
There was a lotta money, all the cars and electronics you could ask for, lawyers and accountants waiting for computing direction, at your disposal, I work in a ghetto.

Well he got good hands for working and two good eyes to see.
A natural born talent; to pride his generation.
A man that lives today can't...
rise in the mornin' and set it all straight.
Many of the smiles were wasted, none happened late.
On a miracle move through heaven and laughing at his feet,
miles of garbage wasteland piled high with desire.
I know it strange mixture of deceit.
I rose up this mornin', put some coffee on the stove.
Saw Joe out my window, give Stan a dime for the news.

This is the third "take" after having a totally fulfilling night with a father, just a little time in a confessional. It all started at about six-thirty this evening. The insurance man was due at about seven; to try and hustle some retirement at twenty-eight. The phone rings, it's about let's go to dinner. Thunder and lightning outside tonight. Rain here and there. I'll think I'll fuck around with this trim pot (100K ohm in parallel to .1 mfd 200 volt electrolytic).No, instead I'll poke the fire. And then another diversion, the ringing doorbell..

Lou ReAltini and Kyomo Goreau, agents of another discrete operation.
Type of character:
Volunteer psychipharmistic devial-detristress-locutor

both at once: "evening, Tortuga"

Armando Tortuga from the veranda, peering over the edge adjusts the fit of his bathrobe and keeping a quiet composure.

Tortuga: "hi boys, I'll be right down."

Glancing with only a movement of the eyeball he spots a peripheral figure moving. Racing down the stairs to confront the foreign personages, thinking, "as you can see it's one thing after another, passing the smelly-est gases, scallop scampi lunch, truly recommend it, very aromatic, some garlic funk, but so good to eat,... ". Opening the door, stern omnipods grimace at the President of Honduras ParCom.

Kyomo: "Mr. Tortuga, we have a special problem dealing with your sitting in a body booth with Boncæ Liballë,..."
Lou: "We'd like to, drinks, anthroverse and look at this dossier..... together"
Armando: " I'd love to but my oye-skills are weakened from prolonged groid contact, let's talk Newsgrite and get the tweaking over with, please I feel neuroscans from 40° from the answerscope. Maybe another time..."
the agents hands metabolisize into strange hand weapons and proceed to atomize the fart in a robe. Nonchalantly they stated: " we don't have any time..." .
The peripheral figure watches everybody leave.

Sometimes I think this way:
Take personal responsibility in what a group has accomplished. The problem, derived from historical perspectives, is that anyone can start or stop any process they want. Attempts to simplify group processes, by personal benchmarks, will be met with nominally successful results. The need to control time resources can prevent a group from being flexible in supplying the support necessary to sustain a group direction. Until a collective realization of core objectives occurs; that time is behind as well as in front of any objective; between a gathering of wool and the sowing of seeds lies a sacred ground...

Operator Dictums, Rectums, and Contractions

  1. The Organ and Piano organisms will arise from the "Whiter Shade of Pale/Chest Fever" school of musical artistry. Minor references to "A Salty Dog" and "The Brown Album" will co-exist.
  2. Any references to STAX/VOLT, "Gospel", and other generic blues forms are studied and purposefully un-intentional.
  3. Sticking cardboard in the keys of a keyboard device while performing around the instrument, will require "sound experimentation" and/or "working the audience".
  4. Keep a tambourine, cowbell and stick close at hand, but a "guiro" not an afúche can be substituted for any keyboard device.
  5. Keyboard "body slams", elbow gouging, boot heel hits, and miscellaneous glissandos will be required for technical support and enhancement.
  6. Competing with luthier operators is prohibited but sub-conscious melody singing is encouraged.
  7. Efforts at restoring, replicating, and reproducing any and all "antique" sound and visual patterns are intentionally implied.

Vigen de la caridad,
Tu que eres milagrosa,
Haz que no sigan las cosas,
Tan malas de lo que esta,
Date un saltico hasta aca,
Y alivia nuestro sufrir,
Y si no puedes venir,
Porque es que no esta a tu alcance,
Suelta el bote y dame un chance,
A ver si me puedo ir,
Yo te prometo querida,
Tu imagen seguir amando,
Y te prometo ir rogando,
Desde aqui hasta la florida,
Tu imagen no se me olvida,
Y de quererte me alegro,
Yo el bote te lo reintegro,
En cuanto pueda llegar,
Y como no se remar,
Si puedes me presta el negro.

Hijos mios
Soporten los apagones,
Iluminesen con velas,
Cepillen con sal las mueloas,
Y roben como cabrones,
Caguen sin tener papel,
Tre migas de pan daran de comer,
Monten bicicleta y mulo,
Aprieten nien el culo,
Y griten.

Viva Fidel