The speaker squawked yet another useless memory from the past,
and then the moderator of the show danced,
while his sidekick started blaspheming about the righteous,
as they lined up outside the studio,
to present their objections.
The flagrant abuse of civility,
but these guys programmed all night long.
Over the wire and through the air,
to grandmother's house they'd go.
They felt and knew omnipotent power,
as they mocked civility,
on the corner of the streets of "Pagan" and "Idolatry".

Let ThE SerViCe BeGin

Alpha to Beta said,
An Amerikan Sport Lodge Brother's Beer Prayer

   Our lager,
   Who art in barrels,
   Hallowed be thy drink,
   Thy will be drunk,
   (I will be drunk)
   At home as I am in the tavern,
   Give us this day our foamy head,
   And forgive us our spillages,
   As we forgive those who spill against us,
   And lead us not to incarceration,
   But deliver us from hangovers,
   For thine is beer,
   The bitter and the lager,
   Forever and ever,


d'preacha:     " help me.. my eye socket is stuck.. dang pixels are fuzzy....."

d'danza:    " let me spill another one,... there.. that fixed it! "

d'preacha:    " Someone started drinking early methinks..."

d'danza:     " Sacred Virgin Chimnorski,   What the ???? "

d'preacha:     " Holy Jack Daniels !!
I'm gonna drink me some saturday night at the Nass while I'm tearing horrendous glissandos all over my B3 at full volume while shouting obscene vocal harmonies while ogling and slobbering over innocent women. I'll have my sunglasses on so the candlelight won't burn my sensitive corneas. "

Say Hallelujah...

OLAF00521099001 12:18:00 solar:
I feel good today. I think my life is going where I want it to go.
Of course it is, you're a technologist that is developing spiritually.
Besides it is beautiful outside.
A good day to throw out a bucket of rusty pulleys,
or kill yourself.

core poor ate it ...
More corporate fear manifested and predicated by pure ignorance.
.. and if you are part of group that prefers to believe in preserving
intellectual freedom, does that constitute belonging to a cult ??..
what is a cult anyway?
shuddup ! and don't answer ! .. i'll use a dictionary.

Cult \Cult\ (k?lt) n .[F. culte, L. cultus care, culture, fr.colere to cultivate. Cf. Cultus.]

1. Attentive  homage; worship.
Every one is convinced of the reality of a better self, and of the cult or homage which is due to it.

2. A system of religious belief and worship.
That which was the religion of Moses is the ceremonial or cult of the religion of Christ.,

NewzBreast (milk it)
Mikrosift is doing what every company does to maintain its market share.  It's countering one marketing blitz with one of it's own.  You see once the big computer companies got involved with 'open source', it became a battle over money.  Pure and simple.  There's no moral high ground with 'open source' for BIG companies, like Sin and IddyBiddyMen.  They are in business for money -- pure and simple.  They are in the 'open source' business because they smell money. Ignorance has nothing to do with it.  Intellectual freedom has nothing to do with it (except for a few purists like you (<g>).
They evaluate their individual virtual markets and either join them or counter them.  Nothing majik about any of this or, for what it matters, productive in the face of real time.
I choose not to believe this. I appreciate your sensitivity to my sense of righteous indignation over corporate capitalistic maneuvers by the BIG "Computing" industries to extract money over something they don't own because it's free to begin with.
I had a meeting with some technologists to discuss how to market some new mpeg streaming technologies, and I went off on them because of this constant aroma of money they thought they smelled with open source code.
Then the tables were thrown over, spilled their precious martinis on their paramours and started verbal violations, " do you really think for a minute, that when it was explained the dividing of the one fish and one piece of bread to feed the masses, there proceeded a charge of $5, for instructions on the process ? "
Of course, why not priests, priestesses, and pirates?
Know One Terra is getting a little carried away with technology,
vent the obvious vapors and the 11th commandment.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Of Low BizNis Importance:
God's Gifts To Adam.
One day the Lord spoke to Adam. " I've got some good news and some bad news, "
Adam looked at the Lord and replied, " Well, give me the good news first. "
Smiling, the Lord explained, " I've got two new organs for you, one is called a brain.
It will allow you to create new things,
solve problems,
and have intelligent conversations with Eve.
The other organ I have for you is called a penis.
It will give you great physical pleasure and allow you to
reproduce your now intelligent life form and populate this planet.
Eve will be very happy that you now have this organ to give her children. "
Adam, very excited, exclaimed, " These are great gifts you have given to me.
What could possibly be bad news after such great tidings ? "
The Lord looked upon Adam and said with great sorrow, " You will never be able to use these two gifts at the same time. "

o.. the shame in half truths, no need to talk about Eve and her shortcomings ....

RocNroLLz GottaGO
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Unearthed missing verse from the classic hit,
" RocNroLLz GottaGO " , as performed by ComBoSol with the CONTACT LOVE ORCHESTRA alive at the "Last Bar In The Universe"

.. rough weekend ?
Si o No
let me know if you're alive
yes. I'm ok maybe I have to learn more about      -      feelings,
but for now I take it day by day.
Sorry if I conducted myself,
in an improper way.
          Take care .. Si !!
no improprieties were performed,
except by me.
you're OK
Long time no gregarious interludes.
You still fighting with the white devils of corporate America ?
I know I am.
Teaching is a real blessing,
it keeps me sane, otherwise still ...


slave dawgin,
too many ways,
too many daze.
Well just wanted to touch base,
make sure I hadn't imagined,
I knew a guy,
named you.
Give me a call sometime,
we'll do tofu burgers,
and pure fruit juice,
I hope to hear from you
soon as possible.
RocNroLLz GottaGO.

Italianos Y Negras

crumbs of passion
much like drums of passion

Life has been wonderful to me, sorry for the lack of communication crystals.
The spouse ran off with an itinerant soothsayer from the south somewhere,
thank God they left me my cardboard box to live in and my dogs and cat.
I still have a slum, it's taking me awhile to find / relocate my tools,
but I forage ahead, as I still feel the breeze and use a pencil .
Life has been wonderful to me, sorry for the lack of communication crystals.


Still a hack master coming out of the storm though,
I want to move to the next level.
I could sure use a tofu burger and some pure fruit juice lunch.
More importantly I'd starve and having your company again will sustain me.
I'll get me head off the scanner ( I got to like the bar of white light rolling back and forth across the corneas ).
Ignite the communo-crystals.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- not hesitate nor worry..
Having reached the end of one's understanding;
placed in corporate and bureaucratic fiascos,
there is nothing to be gained there,
mine the communication crystals dry,
Prophesies apocryphal.
Few can, and will,
transcend the vortex:
Human limitations.
" pulling stakes " ,
" leaving camp " ,
thus outlining and fulfilling a mission,
who, called upon to do, who ...
We're sure a lot of business will come of it !!!  Very hot !!
We are grateful to you for all your hard work on the web sites.
Motivational insights. A big success.
Take four or five eons completely off from anything digital.
Deep inside you know that you love the old and analog.
Need to focus on studying.
Music, liturgy, keyboard, sophism.
Skills.  -Focus- is not visual. Be Here.
Consume higher energy and reduce ability,
to practice and think.
Let somebody else do it.
Need uncluttered days, weeks, months, years, eons ?
to sand, solder, study, polish splinters, pray,
become an artisan of a craft,
and not be deceived by digital systems,
virtual and subjected to change,
and skills are worthless.
The world's bandwidth problem   ... is not a problem at all.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Opera, in three parts.
Loosely translated from germanic tongues by women with breasts larger than life .

hope all is well

I hope all is well with you..
I have been praying for you..
I have a special connection with Higher things,
and I know it will be alright if you listen for my prayer 
to come back to you.

what's up?

Half good is better than no good.
Missing parts ?
Con Dios, es no problema.
Yes it's not in you.
Love is a spear through your chest.
Wear it like a warrior.

Where R U

.. I've been on the mission.
I've been speared and maimed multiple times
still alive
Don't worry these are only flesh wounds
as communication crystals flow from my foaming mouth,
and besides, my lips are bigger, redder, and more seductive than yours.
Be patient,
I still love you.
.. will attempt discreet transmissions directly ..
The equinox has re-aligned the perambulators,
success is here.
We won.
Thank you for just being here,
we will do our best to be there and celebrate these days.
What's Up?

Who da fuk killed my mel?

A feather fell from the sky.
as I looked at the calendar.

" Es mi dia que yo prescindo o separo mis brazos de musica"
sabado al la aeropuerto, she goes home.
I plan to be at " the big one ",
but I will have a look on my mind that will indicate 'other world' feelings.
The Indian will speak to me.
Just do not ask any questions.
Everything will be ok.
      con Dios,
Yes, just get their numbers,
their movies, their museums, their plays, their libraries, their walks in the park.
And there's always church, where it doesn't matter at all.
Oh Yeah, without the strong foundation of God and spiritual belief,
you cannot build anything.
Did I forget to tell you?
You better be strong because,
.. yes, I'm strong ..
Especially when it comes to standing by wretched pontifications,
and prophesies unfolding and become true.
But when I die, will it matter that I saved another piece of wood ?

Test= agate30pixbold


You can not really know if you have embodied your new principles until they are tested by life's inevitable challenges. While the divine principles you owe to a catholic upbringing speak of the infinite availability of good in the world, I know that you feel that you may be experiencing the opposite at this time in your life.

Keep in mind that while the world does give an individual the access to the 'infinite good', as so many churches preach, that along with that 'infinite good' also goes .....the personal responsibility for the consequences of our own personal choices. You might be asking what that exactly means?

What this all comes down to is, the world responds spontaneously and inevitably to all of ones affirmations. You WILL call it cosmic power, the stars lining up, the inductive magnetism, however when you say those things only think that if I am to be destroyed by the world it will not be by events and circumstances, but only by the lost vision of the infinite potential within One, Self, and at My Hand.

THE COMMUNO-MODEL =++*** yes.. machine has been disconnected due to invasions from destructive elements. t-town. communo-crystal processing mechanisms are being altered and modified with customizable filters using spherical fail forward algorithms. Construction and implementation is evident within the next time seKtOr. Presently the most secure communication-crystal processors are ..
Moving very forward in an ArmdRhythmSectionFreeMusicModel.

.. I think i'm on the rope.
Armando Tortuga..

Tortuga, f. 1. (zool.) turtle; tortoise. 2. (mil.) testudo.

Testudo, , m. (hist., mil.) testudo (Roman protective covering and battle tactic).

The ship left the harbor.
strong currents and prevailing winds hastened it's departure.
I saw a rope, left dangling and un-attended from the stern.
I quickly paddled my way to its trailing image, and bit it with my teeth.

Sorry for any incursions. Tortugas, "(!)" , move slowly on land
(they raise their families there),
but can only swim fast at sea,
(the green food is delicious).


4 stages of Atomization, STEP 5A : Atomization ...
LuDim00877005279 09:46:00 Mars

STEP 5 : Atomization of spiritual and physical realities, into a cosmic myst, as the future folds back into the past.  The required acceleration required to meet and attain time and space alterations has been accomplished by applying 'fail-forward' algorithms to the temporal present realities. The clanging noise is just the result of quantum shifts induced by the time and space collisions. The various images (i.e., cribs in orphanages), that materialize in a spontaneous manner, are a result of the interaction of oscillations of "the friggin' clangin' noise" with pre-atomization aural templates.
Further study is being conducted in determine the amount of atomization required for COMPLETE transmutation into the Meta-Spiritual Horizon. 

------------- do not feed feeble historians life


The time has past for the creditors, debtors, innovators, and purveyors of our societies technological achievements to rest comfortably as the majority of the world languishes in a vortex of ignorance based on a lack of self empowerment. The core of this ignorance resides, as it always has, in a perception that a material object can possess the necessary ingredient to complete an individual's concept of total empowerment. Enlightened education is the device that provides the means for preventing material object manifestations, and hence, perpetuating a paradox of realization that fulfills the illusion that "infinite knowledge and empowerment are part of a process called life long learning".  The teaching process offers the individual a linear opportunity to expand the parameters of knowledge; as well as provide an instant for the transfer of the belief in self - empowerment. The present state of time is appropriate to initiate efforts to balance these principles with pertinent and appropriate technologies. The required audience for such an undertaking is limited to, but not disallowing anyone, the youngest spirits in a society that can accommodate a belief in transferring knowledge and information. A means for perpetuating these ideas can be implemented by stringent containment of the types of singular and monolithic communications that would hinder the expansion of a learning process. The syllabus of biological life, in and of itself, is the departing point from whence monolithic thinking ceases. From this point, the personal realization that an object of knowledge is to be learned or examined, bimodal  communications must begin. Accurate assessments of educational and learned knowledge can not be presented as an empirical experience until an exchange of knowledge occurs.

Database and research the personal organizational motives that:
are committed to the newest methods of providing innovative learning opportunities;
are implementing the newest technologies in educational communications;
are objects that have a need or desire to encompass and develop a universal audience of expertise.

Challenge this biologically developed global organization by:
displaying implementations that have succeeded in providing learning objectives;
displaying an open agenda to new innovations in learning and education;
include assessment by example;
maintaining those initiatives that encourage the inclusion of a base of knowledge empowerment;
developing the necessary instruments required to maintain the biologically networked dialogues.

/ =# $ % * \

STEP 5B : Atomization ... continued .. 

The Spirit Center

Armando's Spirit Center

New Books:
Beginner's Guide To Understanding Yourself.
Professional Happiness Test.
More Software.
The "Alternative".
Principles of Power.
Human Interface Hints.
The "Comprehensive" Cigar Reference.
75 Years of Capitalism.
Inner Peace Locator.
Links to other sites with nothing constructive to offer to you.

have a great day,
spirit ..

As I've gotten accustomed to saying less things to fewer and fewer people lately :
there's nothing to say thanks for when it comes to the ones you love.
Just be a good servant.
Atomization Consequence Uno.

a poem

we'll make it ,
If it kills me, so what.
at least I accomplished something.
It's not the project ,
It's the follow through like you said.
I've realized that in life there are things that are so personal,
it's best to leave them un-said.
.. we'll make it,
even to the end.

a thought

I've had severe guilt concerning observations of expenditures in time,
and of the realms of pagan idolatry and personal spiritual enhancements,
watch 'em say, " Yo, I needed that time to re-center my spiritual self. "
watch one say, " bullshit, the world just spun another revolution, and no-one noticed, " .
the world, a giant hard-disk and it's slowly crashing.. stop preaching..
involvement with spiritual content will force gyroscopic maintenance of reality by turning everything over to the controls of HIGHER ORDER. New dimensions evolve, time will be spent, less concern for the stretch that has occurred, because of the obvious and terminal failing forward.
A daughter arrives from a town, on a plane, for a week, or two.
more women, more women, more women,
too many women.

a small essay

the citadel of empowerment
I'm goin' ahead with the assault (HOLY SHITZ it's a JIHAD)
double sided scimitar sharpened,
it sings when I hold it, " O Prophnon urge the believers to fight. "
A vanguard I'm not, but as a door-keeper i stand..
the throngs move back and forth through the portals of misconception,
as atomization and de-materialization have allowed me a voice,
" Oh Babylon, I oscillate the frequencies that dissolve the mortar of your foundation."
The stones only stand on shaky faith ..
the requested vital stats for multiple cut n' paste dbase maintenance:
the citadel and
pharaoh's slave pit.
Armando Tortuga (Chief psychipharmistic devial-detristress-locutor)
Tortuga:Pronunciation: [tOrtOO´gä]
[Span.,=turtle], island, c.70 sq mi (180 sq km), off N Haiti. It was a notorious rendezvous
of pirates in the 17th cent. It is called Île de la Tortue by the Haitians.

†    taz

† †    "A Dual Approach to French Creole Genesis" by Mikael Parkvall (1995).

† † †    As for Louisiana as a whole, about half of the 1,215 women who had left for that colony
between 1717 and 1721 were prostitutes and criminals (Usner 1992:240).
On Tortuga, the embryon of the Haitian colony, the first women were also filles du roi, prostitutes and criminals (Heinl & Heinl 1978:18).....
Well don't ask, ... jus' kiss me ass matey.. 'cause they killed most of them.
Don't speak to me about KARMA!
Hadrat Abu Hurairah relates that the Holy Prophet was asked :
O Messenger of Allah, what other good act is equivalent to the recompense for Jihad ?
He answered :
" You do not have the strength to carry it out". The companions repeated twice
or thrice the same question and each time. he answered : "You do not
have the strength to carry it out". He then added : "The case of one who strives
for the sake of Allah is like that of a person who observes the Fast and the Salat
and read the Holy Quran with fervor and devotion, and he continues his prayers till
the return of the person fighting for the sake of Allah, and does not forsake his prayers."

we need to conversolate.. all the love is Divine....
Yo Akee,
... the knowledge of the deem, the salata mustaqim.
Those who fight in the cause of Allah and those who sit home and
pray are not equal. Allah has favored the fighter over the sideline
believer. So we have no excuse but to master ourselves and rid ourselves
of all the idol gods. Lose hope nor fall into despair for you must gain
mastery if you are to be true in faith. Self mastery is a prerequisite
for true belief anything else is at best lip professing.
we can do better by leading by example.
let's pray in our du'as to have the faith of the Sahabas and
exhibit a light so bright that the disbelievers will be permanently blinded.
God and Time are anonymous.

Golden Birdies

amena divine
under the guidance of the Great Ones
consciousness pioneers
refine and reflect that which the soul would reveal
reinterpreting truth for those whose hearts seek a purer light
than that which the life of illusion has allowed

poised on the edge of awakening
interdimensional eyes focus on this waterworld
all is in ready for the close of this part of the experiment
the transmutation of this phase of the journey in density
this extreme experience has birthed new levels
in discipline and responsibility
surrender and faith
devotion and love

transition in any birth is painful and intense
but the divine face of new being
erases all in joy and thanksgiving
and so it is with this labor
the light of our divinity
is the only reality

we are so near to the lifting of veils and values.
the dark side is submitting, recognizing the futility of any further
resistance to the higher Will.
science and technology are being flooded with inspiration
creating new mechanisms to expand understanding and expression.
it is so very exciting.

look at the rainbow in the sky,
and the bears way up high
red balloons in the air
with cool red paint to spare

t.u.r.t.l.e...hUman===	==	=
..transformation interrupted.. CRC's grinding
restore transmission completed..
data lost
over and out...
roger willCo

" Is idealism -- the approaching concept of the divine -- desirable? Then
must man struggle in an environment of relative goodness and beauty,
surroundings stimulative of the irrepressible reach for better things."

"Is loyalty -- devotion to highest duty -- desirable? Then must man carry
on amid the possibilities of betrayal and desertion. The valor of devotion
to duty consists in the implied danger of default."

"Is unselfishness -- the spirit of self-forgetfulness -- desirable? Then
must mortal man live face to face with the incessant clamoring of an
inescapable self for recognition and honor."

there are so many words that need to be refreshed in all minds


..static hail.. CRC's grinding

incursion force
restore transmission completed..
data regained
we got the crumb...
roger... over and out
to name a few... 	the reign of tyranny had ended, and the ceremonial passing of
				control from the captors to the individuals, the change
			of command, change of hands, just needs to be fully completed..
		officially completed
				there's too much good stuff to do, and we don't want to
	be heinously interrupted +any+more+

Grape Condoms in a Condo .... Oh My !
Mom !..
she came in through the bathroom window,
on wooden ships across the water,
very free and easy,
Mom, she ripped my clothes off and made me have intimacies with her ..
I'm really upset ...
Mom ?

Hello I am Elena.
I know many others people who found their life partner on the Internet and they are very happy. So i hope you don`t play games on the Internet and like me have a true wish to find your the chosen one. I have no my own computer and as you see, I have limited possibility in comparision with you. That`s why i would hope that our correspondence wil be serious, friendly and then... who knows what the future may hold in store for us... time will show. Consider myself an intelligent, broad-minded and contemporarywoman, who takes with all seriousnes relations between two people, and I want to discover my special man to be my equal, my husband, my friend, my lover. I believe that it must be a mutual feeling so that I am not the only one giving, and I believe in working on relationship daily, it`s a full time job that should be fun and pleasant...
I like home peaceful and cozy atmosphere.
I thought it would be wonderful if we find a common language...
and it would be so wonderful to meet us one nice day in the near future...
And now you can find me at:
You can see my ID 132756 at
or also you can view a 354959 KILLER GoConSlitZ LftHand Model me.

Not Again ! Please you sexy thang ... .

Otala 396-0,2 re-edited "Articulated Membranes"

... or why Spartacus avenged the rape of Armando's only child .

Itz 'bout time ..
now drop that bucket of ferrous oxide pulleys.
The Bathroom of Life Reminder:
The historical past is a toilet. Keep it clean (wash by hand).
The tub is for washing and soothing the spirit/body. Remove all jewelry while bathing.
The sink is the reflective area for perfecting the self and reflecting reality,
be sure to brush your teeth daily and pluck obstinate nose hairs.

Can't listen with no ears,
nor see without eyes.
Can smell fish though.
Touch is just a flesh thang, although and while,
the internet is just another telephone, (tell-lie-phonee).
which is just like television, (tell-lie-vision).

Say Amen to Aman,
while pornography starts at home,
it then goes to school,
becomes an adult in nature,
taking no prisoners,
it evacuates reality,
and leaves everything looking pink and bulbous.
Endurance of a state of being,
where the life's tones of flesh co-exist,
within divine perimeters.
While an ArmdTv will surround and protect,
like some durable prophylactic.

"fuKdaTsLAvEboY" ...
he's useless,
he always shows up to shoot marbles,
with weird objects he found on a beach somewhere,
proceeds to play the game with a pros stance,
ready to lose .. or win ..
because there's never a victory in not playing.

yeah ...
rip those pink panties off,
ram that throbbing and pulsing member into the orifice,
modulate the action like a trusty Briggs and Stratton full throttle,
shred the prophylactic into a million latex wisps,
while slamming those balls against insatiable buttocks,
legs up in da air,
orgasmic screams plead for more ..
ply more strength and overcome the wanton lust,
flog it 'til it's shredded
climactic ecstasies, the ancient itch
when satisfied, the slutz wants more.
go ahead erect,
and in the red flames
thrash away,
the erotic and countless boundaries.
" push up to da bumper, muthafukka " ..
here, let me help you put it in.

1 rusty pulley, shiney now, worth a million $

Hypernet Revoltion, well exactly ....

I could kill sumpin' but my back hurts. 2 Muluc, 17 Tzec, 9 Eb - Galactic Update

Greetings! We come, today, with some interesting things to discuss. In a few of our past messages, we have examined the manner in which your reality is constructed. You remain the major linchpin of this process. You solemnly agreed to incarnate upon the Earth plane by consenting, beforehand, to a number of important conditions. Moreover, during your birthing process, you were severely buffeted by perceptions and thought-forms that control the makeup of this realm. This process left you in an amnesia-like state. However, you were still connected to each other and to your Full Self. These connections are the means whereby you will remember who you really are, and be able to vastly change this reality. This process of 'remembering' is most important to you. To support this process, we have dutifully constituted a program that is swiftly activating your physical body's many 'lost' energy centers, as well as rapidly returning your gene structure to its original condition. Medical teams sent by the Galactic Federation of Light are assisting in this procedure.

PROOF in Example:
That useless piece of insolent human refuse who calls himself ArmdTv.
Hah ! Faint of heart and cowardly in every task.
Refusing to listen.
Blistered and butchered he call himself warrior stock.
Cut the crap Armando! You whimpering slave of your own creation.
Watch VORG, as I rip the fingers of his reality off as he smirks
through his pathetic and sick ecstasy he describes as some kind of pain.
What a vain jerk. Stand fast as the examples of destruction and chaos
whirl around his organism, and for a minute he wants to bask in LIGHT?!
Listen to this truth:

Bear in mind that much about which we have spoken is largely subtle and not widely reported in your mass media. However, some scientists and other interested individuals have come forth with some useful information. These messages can be seen on some web sites in your global Internet, or quickly forwarded by the many networks via E-mail to their daily subscribers. Hence, because of its present origins, it has been largely discounted by much of your population. We ask that you perceive this information in a different light. See it as the tip of an enormous 'iceberg' that is coming your way. For far too long, your mass media has dutifully 'sat' on this data. They have not lent themselves to its wide-scale publication. Your many global cabals profoundly fear such reportage and dearly wish to keep you in a mind-set that can deny your rapid transformation into a new Being. In addition, they wish you either to reject the existence of such E T's, or else, to fear their inner motives in wanting to reveal themselves upon your shores.

Convergent Parables:
I VORG, drive a pike of reason through all convergent realities,
using ArmdTv is the lodestone directed to primitive thinking,
starting at the center of consciousness,
through the core of physical being,
directly to the center of Mother Earth.
Watch ArmdTv squirm and try to release himself from the perpetuity of my
actions, He cries, "Mother". What dribble. I smite him thrice.
He cries, "Father". What uselessness, "Pathos" , Bull, False-hoods ? Yes!
as his vanity is further exemplified by his proclaiming false parables.
re-read, re-read, re-read,
The moron behind ArmdTv is destroyed by his own idiocy ..
and ...

To better understand this process, it is necessary simply to view your realm as a temporary construct, with a series of prescribed 'probabilities' that it is allowed to follow. Consequently, all 'physical laws' that govern this construct are fully subject to change. These modifications come about in a number of ways. The most important involve the collective perceptions of its sentient inhabitants and the divine plan of the Creator. Here, the divine plan always takes precedence. Heaven may allow many permutations but, ultimately, the sacred decrees of the divine plan determine the outcome. It is crucial that you understand this point. It does not lessen your 'Free Will' in any way, but merely stands it in a proper perspective. You often muddle this perspective because of the amnesia-like fog in which you constantly dwell. Nonetheless, the way of the divine plan is the way of Mother/Father God. Your inner beliefs, and even your actions, reflect this. You, dear Ones, are really a reflection of the divine.

Defensive? Offensive? Maneuvers?
There is No Running, slithering son of useless pretensions:
He can no longer discern clear water from fetid cess-pools.
ArmdTv stands for ignorance of the highest order.
Everything he proclaims is pathetic gibberish.
Use this example as Vorg mashes Armando's being into
a puree of atomic order.
Recognize the realm that follows:

This 'reality' construct is produced by inter-dimensional Light, which you and the many great Orders of Heaven create. This process has a purpose. It carries out Heaven's need to explore physicality and unfold this Creation. As you reside in this realm, you quickly lose this perspective and see it as a 'solid' and 'permanent' domicile. Nothing could be further from the truth. The view that we have espoused is actually an old one. Many of your greatest religious Lights, in times past, have entrusted this knowledge to you. Now, you must use this information to unlock a pathway that can take you 'home'. Your realm is more than just an exquisite illusion: it is a place in which you have chosen, freely, to experience limited consciousness. This reality also represents the place you volunteered to lovingly transform. Like all aspects of this Creation, your gracious actions endow this reality with a 'living essence'. Accordingly, you have taken on a number of important responsibilities. Let us look at them anew.

So he feels rejuvenated for further battles !
! Armando you Stupid Cur !
Your stupid ideologies concerning swords,
extinct organisms, that is a totally ignorant approach to defining your existence.
It is not only old, It's Useless ! I Smite Him Again and Again.
And why does he keep getting up ? Belief that some heroic maneuver will redeem
his efforts ? The travesty of such stupid follies. So boring for those
other side of the realm. Vorg is victorious.
The truth is:

As spiritual Beings of Light, you have been assigned a number of duties. One of them is to assist the divine plan. This responsibility has brought you into the countless realms of physicality. Your grand descent was brought about to help the divine plan unfold this Creation. Thus, each of you is a grand creator Being. You have helped, literally, to fashion innumerable realities and numerous physical dimensions. Your miraculous work can be seen everywhere, in the grandeur of the cosmos and in the beauty and uniqueness of this world! This, dear blessed Ones, is your legacy. It is also your destiny. You have come from the bosom of a most loving and passionate Creator. Soon, your transformation will again bring this sacred connection back into your purview. To summarize, this physical Creation is your co-creation: you have assumed the responsibility to form it, as provided for by Mother/Father God's grand divine plan.

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes< Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Watch the slithering worm again as he attempts to discern his most valuable possessions and conceal them throughout the universe. The entrusting was done already, but AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN repetitions, the monotony. Witness the incorrigible heathen Armando, as ArmdTv, whirl destruction in every pathway of reality, as Vorg puts him on a pin in the display case of further antiquated perceptions. But truth is rendered as follows:

Another of your primary duties is to undergo physical existence in the realms you have so thoughtfully co-created. This process is one in which we have promised to assist each other. In one way or another, we have taken turns to be the ones needing assistance, or those lovingly giving it. The Spiritual Hierarchy carefully oversees these roles. Your experiences help to shape physicality and to see that physicality's 'lifetime' proceeds as the Creator decrees. This function is your greatest challenge. You have been given a number of roles to play out and a 'script' that you are responsible for altering, when necessary. These creative tasks have rapidly become your sacred mission. They have evolved into a complex and highly detailed set of responsibilities. Yet, you have gladly taken them on and shown your great competence in fulfilling them.


This mission has evolved, in this reality, into a special circumstance. You are moving this reality toward its unique and sacred destiny, which is essential to the completion of the divine plan. To achieve this, you have called upon Heaven for a divine intervention. We have responded in kind and sent a plethora of great Light Beings from A-E-O-N to guide and assist you. In addition, we have asked the Galactic Federation of Light to mount a first contact mission under our divine supervision. Our time-frame in these actions is divine. Its purpose is to liberate you from your present degrees of bondage and to permit you to exchange your knowledge and wisdom freely with ours. Accordingly, we have allowed the many other realities that comprise your galaxy to lend their foundational life energies to our actions.


Here, it is necessary to see that such realities form a highly sentient social grouping. They care for each other, and will gladly provide what is needed to sustain another. At present, a number of other nearby realities are sending you the energies that you need to transform your perceptions. These efforts are added to our own. As you know, we have brought in an abundance of energies from A-E-O-N, which have drastically modified the underlying foundations of this reality. Now, those energies, which originate from other nearby realms, are assisting and permitting us to accelerate the changes needed to alter your most dearly held perceptions concerning this reality. Thus, you will soon be able to transform yourselves and to allow all of us to produce the magnificent new realm that is your divine destiny!
Today, we discussed events that are changing your reality and preparing you to meet your destiny. We ask simply that you continue to grow and 
gratefully employ your ever-expanding abilities to assist us. Dear Ones, we are a grand team! Soon, our procedures will allow you to better understand 
what we have told you on this day. Assimilate it all, and add it to the great body of knowledge that you are swiftly acquiring. We now take our 
leave. Blessings and Prosperity to you all! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
I, Vorg, endorse the preceding dictums and boldly proclaim the insolence of as a prime example of ignorant modeling, vain pretensions and posturing. I submit to float endlessly and perpetually, forever, in the sea of illusion, as nothing more than another monkey on a raft, and as a vortex to where nothing returns There is NO present knowledge to be garnered from that domain. Faithfully. I AM VORG

A Lovely Day

Laying low on the public circuit,
the last hay-ride I took nearly wrecked my back.
Some culprits and singers in the loft,
made a hymn of the times they'd seen.
The man, at a pulpit, with a mute flutist,
watched swaying orbs as they'd go around.
It's like a flashing kinescope as it strobes.
No/Yes another slice, " if thou feel it again, ".
Praying, posing, postulate-pontificate, .. prostate.
Barn atmosphere: hay dust sparkles in the light;
the brown, orange, and yellow eye static and fog;
voices of autumn and dry cool youth;
pronouncing closing leaf storms,
as the tree hibernates, the soul to cover.
A last quote?
Apple cider and we repose to the new music,
as an old friend stops an acquaintance with a smile.
The sleep place was hard, sky soft, a mountain air blanketed,
to protect the flesh, as a spirit protected the mind.
Meshing and amassing with divine inertia,
it grows into sacred oaths.
The temperature required us to supply

the colors of the rainbow

the tips of the life we know is concealed in the fragmented spaces of a yesterday

The Power Pit

     The voice across the street, sitting on a porch, was definitely a woman's. All Melvin could hear from his porch on the other side of the street was a slobbering, guttural, and toothless sinusoidal auditory wave of estrogen angst. Faceless and nondescript, the voice was emitting tones of distress over some familial confrontation that left this woman in a state of release. This struck Mel as simply; futility venting as boiling steam from the container of life. Mel's sight was failing him of late. The doctor's concluded no solution to his health problem. As far as he was concerned, he resigned himself to loosing his sight and simply dying with only seeing what his mind could conjure up as a memory. He'd loll in his porch chair and paint with cerebral color palettes that were vestiges of some primordial origins. Such was the problem with Mel's life.

     He preferred to call it "a life improvement". A phrase given to him by an old friend who'd describe the various afflictions of getting old as: improvements . Every once in a while, he would see the rolling green hills of Vermont as he traveled in a mobile, to visit that old friend. His sense of smell would illuminate and he could draw in his mind the wonderful smell of the cow manure as the hills rolled by. The spotted objects of the animals themselves would roll into view and his mind would hear them moo. He found a blessed quietness in watching his own interesting piece of genetic code unwind into a panorama of brainwaves and materialize into pastoral scenes. The marvel and wonderfulness of being able to change the scenes would amuse him for the few precious hours he had.

    The woman's voice had tempered off. He thought to himself, "hmm, her tea must be ready."

Nostril Dust, The Final Chapter
     The organ could hardly be played. A few principal voices were all that could be resurrected from the dust and debris that had, over years of neglect, fallen down the pipes and rendered them mute. Orange extension cords were draped from the facade supplying power for only God knows what. Possibly powering the vacuum cleaners that were used to frantically clean the instrument for the evenings performance, or a small coffee pot to supply the technicians the sustenance they needed to forge on, or incandescent work lighting consisting of a couple bare light bulbs over the keyboard. We waited in anticipation, as technicians scrambled to make the last adjustments before the concert began. The feeling of tension would precipitate itself into some kind of esoteric sensation, as if waiting, for the moment of wanton lust that was a prelude to the entrance of the grand harlot. Suspense, being the happiness of fact.

    The hushed voices, elevated and turned facing backwards in the pews. A Jesuit priest watched from the balcony overseeing the transpired events turning time into a "mass appeal" moment, for all the love in this embrace was contrived from witnessing the past fold back unto the future. Particles of dust lingered in the air, suspended by invisible electric charges of anticipation, grief, and inexplicable joy. Would the experiments work? Where was the percent of servile accuracy that time allowed for the pending performance? How could they revive such an ancient liberty? The freedom of invention wafted the perfumed scent of knowledge as the mechanical being was prepared for marriage to an unknown spiritual realm. The illustration of the events that were occurring resembled the christening of a colossal sailing ship on the cusp of its maiden voyage. Likely, the captain and his mate stood by the wheel of destiny. Suspense, being the happiness of fact. A spirit, an ancient apparition of wind and wood, summoned the crowd of spectators to prepare to listen to the hushed silence now filling every void.

    A brief announcement about the availability of public transportation for the stragglers was delivered. A solemn "thank-you" was delivered concerning the fortunate happenstance calling for the arrival of this holy time. A condolence and apology for an altered schedule and the substitution of a performer due to illness was pronounced. A cello for a trumpet; a diapason for a vox humana; a prayer for a blessing; suspense being the happiness of fact, the moment in time was separated by wedges of simple harmonies into moments of illuminated past remembrances, when emotion embraced the simpler mechanics of a long time gone by.