June 27, 2002 MiMi Throne, Model # kEwL037

I Shall Not Repeat My Self.
Everything we build,
is NOT a prototype.
On a blue star highway,
we build thrones,
for queens and kings.

June 22, 2002 - So, Doc gave me an assignment. I am a student. The six senses, a version or interpretation of taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight, and intuition, as it would be. Identify six colours and categorize them. Now that should be enough for any student you would think, but easy or hard, on assignment, introspection prevails.

" Did you hear what happened at the store today? They were giving food away for free.mel33a Every conceivable edible food stuff was available for the taking. They even had samples for you to try. I had this oh so wonderful little green cake that tasted like lobster stuffed with crab meat smothered in caper and lime cream sauce. Hey !! Are you listening to me? .. " Mel33f

" Not a chance man .. That sounds pretty weird to me. I prefer something that is hard, scaly, and with a grain-like constitution.. It should have scales ya' know buddy? Yeah, and while I'm thinking about it, it should be blue and flippin' around in a sea weed sea nest. Yeah, and while your at it, sprinkle some skate eggs on it would ya? "

Mel33c " Well, if it was brownish-red and smelled like the earth I might take a chance on lingering with it. But you guys seem to have a fish fetish. Maybe you all spend too much time by the sea. I smell fish on your breath. Have you considered trying coconuts? or bananas? or even a mango that has some green in it ..yo. Where's your sense of culture? "

" Don't give me that. Seeds you idiots. Round ones !! Quit this stupid talk, and they better be brown and hard to see and smell like nuttin' iexcl; ¡ dANgNiBiT !! "

" I dunno .. I'm hearing different stories here.. Let me tell you my preference. When I hear that buzzing, it drives me crazy. I mean it startles all my consuming sensory instincts to a yellow-green frenzy. But I don't eat the wings, because they made the buzzing noise and are holy 'cause they ain't buzzing no more. You know what I mean? "
" Holy wings, geez give me a break .. I've seen you eat more wings than anybody I've ever seen. You're full of it. I've seen you do it !! .. so don't wink at me with that I'm a pink fluffy saint stuff Jack.. "

Mel33e" I swallowed 'em by accident.. honest..."
" Speakin' of fluffy, if it's fluffy, musty, n' dusty... I might eat it! "
" No wait a minute! WE need to realize what WE'RE doin' here. We are supposed to stand fast on the rules of engagement.. We're soldiers looking for food that's all. No, I say we eat everything and anything, no matter what it tastes like, feels like, looks like, or smells like. And if we can hear it we definitely eat it ! Except if it's orange..." Mel33h

Mel33i " Hold On All of You!! We're not getting anywhere here .. I've got an idea if.."

" .. food should be chartreuse and.. " " No ! prickly and succulent with .."
" Wait.. red-green smelly smelts if they're .."
" .. creamy crusty mango rot steamin' with mealy wormies.. yeah.. "
" square purple squishy seed pods baked on putrid .."
" ahh ... fermenting raspberries and ants with a used tissue scrap"
" please, plump mouse meat screamin' in dog grass garnish with .."
" ... scooped crustacean crumbs in fetid sea sauce with kelp sprouted mosquito nymphs,"
" lemon rind mush with black flies roasted in ..." Mel33j
" ... seed pods crushed beige and rock hard bread with green rain soup, ... oh my "
" ... rotten guava with hornet stuffing and assorted maggot mix...."
" oh please, spider egg after dinner mints yes "
" ..with rotten watermelon cordials "
" hey .. will you get off that twig ! , I need a napkin ..."

Mel lied to his companion. He quietly told her he was going for his daily afternoon walk and left the house. He walked down to the corner, as he normally would, and instead of turning right to go around the block, he turned left and headed for the bay. When he got to the bay, he rented a small skiff and a fishing pole. The young boat keeper told Mel that foul weather was forecast and that he should be extra cautious for bad weather and rough waves. Mel just grumbled something that sounded like: " fungle frumpel frigga frand... awrite " and got in the boat. The young boat keeper just shrugged his shoulders, appeared resigned, and set Mel off the dock and on his voyage. He rowed and rowed and rowed, out to the middle of the bay and rested a minute to let his heart catch up to his mind. The boat rocked and made a flupflup noise that he found soothing. Being that all of his physical senses were polished by age, he found a blessed quietness within the embrace of the sea's motion. He took up the fishing rod and pulled a pocket knife from his right pants pocket and cut off the tackle that was on the end of the line. Out of his left shirt breast pocket, he took out a note pad and took a paper clip off of one of its pages on which it lived. Carefully un-bending the paper clip, he re-shaped it into a sort of unique looking fishing hook. Into his left pants pocket he reached, and pulled out a fuzzy silver grey pussy willow pod and proceeded to attach it to this hand made paper clip hook. Satisfied that the pod was secure, he attached the pussy willow baited paper clip to the fishing line and dropped it into the water. As he let time roll by, he evolved into a sort of human buoy, just bobbin' there. He felt the wondrous quietness roll him deeper and deeper into a trance that evolved into a sound. As the sound kept getting clearer and clearer in his head, he was finally able to piece a couple of frequencies together to actually hear a few notes in his head. Then those few notes spawned a few more notes, and he found he had a generated a little melody. The evolution of a song was brewing, culminating into a little song of a few words, and on and on it went until he had enough pieced together to hum most of the song. Mel got stumped though, for he could not remember the complete verse. Being content to make something out of what he had, he just kept repeating over and over what his mind knew of the song. Time rolled by and the bad weather that was forecasted rolled in as well. Mel stopped for a second to acknowledge the changes in environment, muttered what again could have sounded like, "fungle frumpel frigga frand... awrite", and continued to concentrate on his fishing and his recollection of HIS song. On and on, he bobbed and hummed, "Home Home on the range, where the deer and the antelope play, where seldom is heard , a discouraging word .... Home Home on the range, where the deer and the antelope play, where seldom is heard , a discouraging word .... Home Home on the range, where the deer and the antelope play, where seldom is heard , a discouraging word .... ......". Mel was determined, as he was about everything in his life, to fish with a pussy willow for bait, hum a song he half knew, to stand pat, and to ride this storm out until the end.

Doc didn't know I was a real small turtle. I can hardly see and what I do see is a green-yellow-blue swurl of pastels, shapes with little to no form. I can't hear to well either, but what I do hear is rolling lows, and again the sounds are indistinguishable from one to another. Taste and smell ? My nose is so small I have the hardest time smelling air, and tasting is consequently not that important to me. Now touch is a very special thing to me. Because I wear my house on my back, there is very little need for me to touch anything and when something I don't know tries to touch me, I go in my house. Now intuition drives me to the surface once and a while. Like this day... I went to the surface and looked and smelled and listened and touched and tasted the wonderful cacophonous blend of my world. My God, I love my world and I love everything in it. Well .. I'm going now. I'm going swimming and then I'm going to dive and see how deep I can go. I love you all. I'm a real small turtle you know. Sea ya later ... bye.

June 18, 2002 - A Ton of Bricks. Here's the scenario back behind the buildings:
dilapidated row homes with twisted iron fire escapes falling down,
two by two with bay windows on the second floor that over look a common alley.
Walt SpeaksSade (you know, that French girl who sings " by your side " songs) music is playing from an invisible radio. The smell of burning beef wafts on wind past floating gnat clouds on a hot and humid day. He is cast as a dark silhouette in a white t-shirt. Of course he is smoking something, gazing out the window, scratching his right shoulder with his left hand, and taking a small break to try and
realize something. He is waiting for a business person who claims that they can support themself ..

Gulph Mills Elementary SchoolIn 1962, Joe Eagle and I formed a publishing company . We were only twelve and still learning to hide our heads between our knees and properly protect ourselves from the impending atomic doom that faced us in the basement of Gulph Road Elementary School.. the radiation was already magnetized to us, what the fuck did we or anybody else care...

½ cup cooked soybeans, mashed well with a fork
1 tablespoon water or vegetable broth
1 tablespoon wheat germ
¼ teaspoon of Spike Lee's Movie " 4 Little Girls "; for HBO
1 to 2 tablespoons fresh bread crumbs or whole-wheat flour olive oil for cooking
In a bowl, combine mashed soybeans, water or broth, wheat germ, Spike Lee's movie and 1 tablespoon bread crumbs or flour. Use your hands to mix well and press firmly into a patty shape, adding more bread crumbs or flour if necessary for the patty to hold together. Heat a little olive oil in a skillet. Cook patty until browned on both sides gently turning once.
Makes 1 patty.

The simplest and most unrefined soy food is the humble soybean and I have sixty pounds of them. Its only disadvantage is that it takes so long to cook, but I usually cook 2 or 3 cups of dried beans at a time, and freeze them in 1 ½ cup portions. To cook soybeans, first soak them in plenty of water in the refrigerator overnight. Then drain the soybeans, and cook them at a strong simmer in fresh water for 2 ½ to 3 hours, or until very tender (you should be able to squish them easily with a fork or spoon). Undercooked soybeans are not well digested, so be sure to cook them long enough. Soybeans are nutritional powerhouses, offering 149 calories, 87 milligrams of calcium, 46 micrograms of folic acid, 4.4 milligrams of iron, 14 grams of protein, 7.7 grams of fat (only 1.1 grams saturated fat) and more than 5 grams of dietary fiber per ½ cooked cup portion, but you know that. I am just reminding myself in case I forget.

Deserving of no credit:Heartbreak Hotel
" ...... himself became involved in a scandal in 1976 when television newsman Sam Jaffe reported seeing his name on an alleged White House list of journalists who had worked for the CIA. In an angry confrontation with CIA director George Bush on February 4, he demanded that he disclose which news people had actually been CIA agents. Bush refused. A week later, the CBS Evening News reported that at least two former correspondents for CBS had secretly worked for the spy agency. "

" .... Dear Sarah,
The indications are very strong that we shall move in a few days, perhaps tomorrow. And lest I should not be able to write you again, I feel impelled to write a few lines that may fall under your eye when I am no more. ...."

" His arms were still around her, his hands on her back, his hips between her thighs. In the back of her mind she thought of how wrinkled her dress must be, and if it were light enough to really see, how debasing her position could appear. There was no one to see them, though, and even she could hardly see the man pressuring her every way possible. But she could feel him, and smell him, and hear him. And he, was big and solid and persuasive, and he wasn't lying or imagining things, either. Of course she wanted him. And any attempt she might make to weaken his interpretation of the situation would be a lie."

When Humble Door Keepers Work5 Large Thai dried chilies *
½ ts Chopped coriander roots **
1t Minced Galanga (Kha)
1t Kaffir lime peel
2 tb Minced garlic
2 tb Minced red onions
1 ¾ c Cooked and pureed soy beans
1tb Rice flour
3tb Ken Burn's movie " Mark Twain" , a documentary for PBS
1t Finely chopped Kaffir lime
2 ts Cilantro leaves
½ c Oil for frying
* Soak in hot water until soft
** Omit if not available

Using a mortar and pestle or a blender. Puree chilies, coriander roots, Galanga, lime peel, garlic, onions. Add soy beans and rice flour and blend well. Transfer the soy bean mixture to a bowl and add Ken Burn's movie, Kaffir lime leaves, cilantro leaves and fish sauce and stir vigorously with a wooden spoon until well blended. Heat oil in a large flat bottom fry pan over medium heat. Meanwhile, dip hands in water and form the soy bean mixture into patties, about 1-1/2 inch in diameter each. Fry until well done and golden brown. Drain the oil on paper towels. Serve hot with dipping sauce. The mixture must be on the dry side. If the mixture is too soggy it won't be crispy when fried. The solution would be to lay the patties out on a cookie sheet to air dry about 15 minutes or so before frying.
Labels contain the part number of the assembly minus the bracket, 
and the serial number, and may appear with a bar-code. 9050xxx is the part 
number Technical Support requests when processing an RMA (Return Material Authorization). 
Product labels have been modified over time and may appear in one of the 
following forms: "9050424 EE192451004", "0424 EE192451004", 
and "0424 3150002010EE". In the last two examples, 0424 
represents the last four digits in the 9050xxx part number. 
The letters imbedded in the serial number represent the revision of this model. 
Model E20xx DNI cards - 1st Generation 
E2010 .......... 9050093 
E2020 .......... 9050151 
E2030 .......... 9050184 
E2040 .......... 9050186 
E2010-X .......... 9050182 
E2020-X .......... 9050183 
E2030-X .......... 9050185 
E2040-X .......... 9050187 
Model E20xx DNI cards - 2nd Generation 
E2010 .......... 9050334 
E2020 .......... 9050349 
E2030 .......... 9050366 
E2040 .......... 9050368 
E2010-X .......... 9050335 
E2020-X .......... 9050350 
E2030-X .......... 9050367 
E2040-X .......... 9050369 
well that took too long .. but that's what you get with junk.

Country MusicIt's 1963 and we had a television in the class room. The teacher really worked hard to help me fit in. She rescued me one day from the train station. I had run away from school and was headed to Philadelphia to find a new life. I could not adjust anymore. My favorite classmate was in another class and I probably just missed someone to talk to. We met playing basketball. In a anxious moment to make a score, he dipped low and came up fast, and his head hit me square in my front teeth. The impact knocked me out. When I came to, he was in the nurses room with me crying because he saw my blood and thought he killed me. I told him to relax, everything was alright and he smiled. Although he had two teeth marks on his scalp and I lost one of my front teeth, we remained the best of friends for quite awhile. Later on, while the television spoke like a barking police dog, Joe Eagle and I made a report together for class. The report was about birds. He drew the most beautiful bird beaks, as he was an outstanding artist. I remember lowering the flag, out where the buses came to take us home, to half mast.

I have a little footage .. With spare body parts everywhere.
You can not do anything if your life is surrounded by junk.
What do you think ? Somebody is supposed to take care of it for you?
I doubt it, and why bother, either way it is understanding, what keeps them apart.
My wage is knowing nothing at all.
Thanks are in order, though, for now I am dead.

June 07, 2002 - In The LibraryIt does not matter how it is done.
It is five to thirty five years,
4 seconds to 40 minutes,
or three to sixty eons.
Going zero to sixty miles per hour in four point five seconds,
going point zero four to one light years, in a nanosecond.
Radioing ratios, causal effect and translucency.
The density of children screaming,
or playing on any given street in the cosmos,
while the accumulated data of the ages,
overwhelming the innocence.
Sly maneuvering and coining global.
Knotting agendas when traveling.
Point zero five miles per hour at a steady rate,
a carapace of steel.
Without nary wheels or wings.
Something to ease the friction of gravity,
pointedly the soles of feet callous earth bound,
at atmospheric pressure reading zero,
where no sound or light is felt in waning perception.
where tomorrow, today, and yesterday reduced,
as a blend, the aromatic elixir, a special quench,
to a celestial thirst.

CUBIC LIFE June 04, 2002 - Yeah this is it.. I am my world's niggah .. I can't help hearing those voices in my head. Like when I have to multitask while pacing, I roam the carpet desert plying clues against theories ..revelations gif
And then I turn and think and do it again.
911June 02, 2002 - This is news, liberty is canceled..
did you not need it anyway?
Hold On ! A phonograph record is skipping ..
on my favorite song. Skin on skin, yet lips twist,
a media merchant has you impregnated, seduced,
where you will buy anything, like a child of God,
I need and want are pabulum.
Another postmark with a date on it, behind it a letter, intent on defining time, a capacitor, shorted out, NO, we are engorged magnets emitting electro-force. Ceasing that method, yearning, learning, discerning, for this is news, liberty is canceled.

May 31, 2002 - Great news! Monster.com has found new jobs matching your job search agent criteria!

Here are the results that were found on Wednesday, May 29, 2002:

Your job search agent titled " flanscan1" matched new jobs based on your search criteria. Listed below are the top 5 match(es)... (Just click on the job title to view a job.)
  3. May 28, LABORER WORKER WG-3502-05/05, United States Air Force, US-NJ-WRIGHTSTOWN
  4. May 28, LEAD CHILD DVLPMT PROGRAM ASST GS-1702-04/04, United States Air Force, US-NJ-WRIGHTSTOWN
May 23, 2002 " Whenever I'm asked why Southern writers particularly have a penchant for writing about freaks, I say it is because we are still able to recognize one." - Flannery O'Connor

May 21, 2002 Jack had said, " I like too many things and get all confused and hung-up running from one falling star to another till I drop. This is the night, what it does to you. I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion."
" Halloo!" came the whisper. " You - Communard!"
" Who's that?" I whispered back.
" It's me, in number two!"
" What do you want of me?"
" Are you in the crapaudine?"

May 19, 2002 -
all the endless conception of living beings May 12, 2002 .. I really care, really .. innocence is only god given ... on any truly remarkable day.
A city with an endorsement ? On a counter culture may be for sale. There is also a finance city but we can not find it. .. Now, how do these relate ? .. We can not tell you yet ... as it is really no mystery. On the trails, including the descriptions of events that captivated a nation's attention, where numerous clues reside, we will talk about banking ... Drawing Kids Some people think we spend a lot of time on theories ..
on the contrary, it is the history that stimulates the thinking. We believe it is because mankind (simply a cross gender implication) has been practicing poor researching techniques. .. We tend to disagree with that journalist , " librarians should always be women " .. our experience being that, on my desk, next to my desk references on language and grammar, ... are several library cards which we still use every week .. In fact we have two books that are now overdue. We better get them back. After hawala and heavy metals: 1995 is when we got our certificates for outstanding academic achievement. We scoffed, denied, complained, and continued, ... vultures circled on the horizon and all that science fiction we read for entertainment, came home to roost. We were talking trust and sovereignty, In other words, tons of light started to illuminate global vision. This was just an aberration, in the true definition of the word, .. a departure from what is right, true, correct, etcetera ... now remember our first entrepreneurial venture was the independent television studio ... Actually we worked at uncovering toxic waste deposited in the inner cities of this spiritual dimension .. our video tapes of transgressions on those residing there were confiscated . We had to sign our lives away ... but now it is coming to the surface, because we made copies. Multiple references reveal leaky power transformers that hang, like fruit, from the vines of technology as they manufacture more polyethylene plastic modified nutrients.
.. Yo MeL ! , we think we're getting the hang of this, but it sure gives us a headache.

May 8, 2002 -Old FLik
A Special DayFlanscan

Sell It Buy A GunHar n Dor

@ [23:24] AgenteShooz said,...

" Izjus'a crimefotögrafer. "

Robot Girls
April 30, 2002 The last three days have been like a song I heard that is called " Drifting in Wire " .Relentless messaging is normal, I would think, considering the lack of communications that existed prior to this last lunar event. So another three days drifted by and the only ones who noticed were bill collectors. I do not think anybody else is counting or I must not be paying attention. ... HAP49 and I spent some time today tying up some loose ends. I have come to the conclusion that he is right. Sell the Neumann microphones for nobody has anything to say musically into them anyway. ... I should be more sympathetic to this global condition but that appears to be harder than trying to stop lemmings from jumping off a cliff. As I spiral out of control, to save helpless inanimate objects, out of a sense of mercy, it feels as if a large amount of the human race took a wrong turn on destiny's highway, stopped at a gas station on another galaxy, and after filling up, drove away with the hose still in the car. They did not bother to pay the attendant either. On the other hand, I may have watched too many foreign movies to qualify on making any judgement calls as to which way the world is turning. After all, I drive on the shoulder of the road.

April 27, 2002 - I hope you had as good a meditation, a great Wesak Festival Time, as I did. My sleep and dreams last night had no less than thirty or forty prismatic cleavages. I woke up, out of dream state, at four in the morning two days in a row! Something surely dialed into the circuits over here.Movies In Trenton... YingLi stepped into coding auras, to which our litmus paper test for keyboard operator chemistry revealed a reading that was off the scale, which is better than good and supreme. All agents were dancing. I want to go dancing tonight, but my body is sore from yard work. ...Would Not We Dance

April 26, 2002 .. I spent some time at Big Daddy's cutting his bushes and mowing the lawn. I had nothing better to do. Mipsy will be surprised to see how nicely the bush she pruned last summer has bloomed and filled out. It looks wonderfully like a bush. Speaking of bushes, if no one rescues that poor mannequin that I saw in a bush tomorrow, I will. It is a real shame that she has been rained on, ridiculed, and insulted, and that no one has saved her. I have to do it, besides I would think of myself as unkindly if I did not. ....

April 25, 2002 - When you have a good time doing what you are supposed to be doing and enjoying it, this is what happens. Three days may go by and you will wonder where the time went. Love and fun can be that way. We really "blew the roof off 'da place" , as a friend of mine would say ... any new discoveries at the restaurant were resolved as a result of the "Cobb Salad Incident" . The head chef diagnosed the problem and prescribed a script that would serve as a remedy for the ailment. Professionalism is evident here and that is why I enjoy serving these people. They know how to have fun while working, as well.

.. Myrtle and Drake came down, on the train, to visit me.Myrtle and Drake Fondling Plans, Guess who is doing all the pointing?They had new plans for a movie production facility that is going to be built in my town. I think they thought I might like to see the plans. I went to Cocina Criolla and bought three delicious platters, and we reminisced and laughed about croquet games in the summer. All I could remember was sending Myrt's ball into the neighbor's tomato patch. How come, at the time, she did not think it was funny?

April 24, 2002 THE MINERAL CORUNDUM or is it just like CORUNDUM? Today was full of corundum, which would prompt us to say, " What a corundum day!" ¿?
CHEMISTRY: Be3Al2Si6)O18 + Cr or is it:Look at the baby

REFRACTIVE INDEX: ~ 1.57 - 1.59, varies with source.
HARDNESS: 7.5 - 8
CLEAVAGE: Indistinct

I had a slew of calls and requests to join American industry today. It appears certain capitalists think I have what it takes to seduce people into investment opportunities. I did not tell them that good looks will get you nowhere, besides I am on my way to the Emerald City, where wizards sit behind processors dreaming of a place called Kansas. One has to be careful how to describe the things I am holding. Cleavage can be: basal, parting, and pinacoidal OR exhibiting rhombohedra and prismatic properties.
APATITE has an indiscernible cleavage.

April 23, 2002 - Some people think I am old, while some think I am not. Others calculate....
HeritageWe are in Taurus time. I have a little humour, amor, left ... " ¿ Recuerdas esta día? ¡ Qué distinta era mi vida entonces! Lástima que tu padre q. e. p. d. se dejara puesto el sombrero, ¿No?
En la Casa de España." ... One should examine the code on the other side of old photographs. A classic case of perfect penmanship may reveal itself there.

April 22, 2002 - " Taking stock" is a phrase that is commonly used to describe the process of assessing a situation. Now, for us, that means we gather information about a specific place and time and give that information some relevance by prioritizing its importance. This has no relation to the fact that
a million people prepared food today, ate half of it, and then threw the rest away. .. It is a miracle Sistah Martha

.. It was a miracle. I was sorting paper, into piles of relevance, when chirping noises overcame the urban din. I realized that futility and remorse are hardly synonymous. Like a convent nun, a religious apparition appeared before me, in mannequin form, in a bush in the distance. ..

Now children will react to relevant things. So when school ends, and the young students wander home, do not be surprised to see young women playing with basketballs and young men looking at the trees and bushes, while no one pays any attention to the aberrations in the scenery, except the birds.

April 21, 2002 - The objective is to keep things simple. Small images and easy to understand text. Sentences should have a subject and a predicate. Verbs should be in the proper tense. Some sentences may be interpreted to contain three or more meanings. Fear and PainThis is where the fun begins, for it is not what we say but what you think we said. So we write it down, or type it, in this case. Now can you hear it, if you see it? Or can you feel it without sensing it? We spent all day thinking while not watching an event on television. Now we will make a banana, apple, and blueberry milk shake in a blender. Word contractions are not allowed. Commas are used to create poetic and romantic pauses. ... while many periods tamper with the time ...
This is our assignment.

April 20, 2002 Tears In The RainNow what do we do ?
.... It seems events have turned the way of destiny.
The ship is docked and it will not relinquish the cargo.
We are the cargo ...
Her eyes watered, as he told her that she could not have anymore. It was as if, the machines accelerated time forward, and backward, flickering moments of a heartbeat.
The world grew light and dark...
... a candle light and smoke illuminated memory.
Over and over, design, form, and function. A perpetual process, we are akin to mineral species. Now I understand. We have to borrow from the other elements, otherwise the crystals will not form. .. Or is it like, opening all the windows and doors and relinquishing all the fall and winter accumulations, sending them back to the mother's source. Either way, there is nothing that can compensate for the energy expended doing hard work. Who knows what they are doing? The one who knows nothing? This is just another fictional beginning to another virtually created reality. One can not tell us any different.. We did not really loose a day in the translation, we were just helping the ship dock in the port. Doorkeepers and engineers.
Now what do we do ? ...

April 18, 2002 - There is lots of activity on the feral front. It is that time .." that's my leaf!" yes , abundance of life. If you have not reproduced by now and have had a million progeny .. you are not yet out of the genetic loop. I do not know how I ended up here, but my engines were under " insect influence" ....
... because I borrowed this image. What a dish.
I am a leg man.Living on an insect world safari ..
... looking for a real job.

April 17, 2002
It can be explained by using concise analysis. The grid is flexing in those arenas as the sea level rises. Now we are always in our own submarine, so the temperature is pretty cool down here, while the pinging noises are ambient but not distracting.Scanning for clues is not necessary.Through AgentOneWetCherry, Kris made contact using a vox device .. I do not know anything about monikers (ö¿Ö) but we can not push buttons since all the circuits have been switched already. We will need some more specifics, as you can see we have a limited amount of time....
YingLi on to plateaus of empowerment.
Tools will be in place at zzzz for spectacular results... Do not fret or worry, for we have been ridiculed for years. Now it is our turn and little do they know that we can not pay them back. Some say the origin of the word, revenge, is Middle English and Old French. Regardless, both languages are obsolete.
There is a dynamic new dialect being spoken and I am too smelly and tired today to tell them about it....
Jade Warrior, will you hold my shield,? ... I am going swimming.

April 16, 2002 - I hate spreadsheets. They require adding and subtracting. Spread The Sheet
I am inept at understanding mathematical principles. It is much easier to liberate the cordoned off consciousness. The part of the mind that is confined to a perimeter enclosed by crime scene tape. We are not supposed to see these dramas, so we cordon off the area with yellow tape. Some how " The Press" gets the exclusive news and somebody gets upset when they get a hold of it. Marvín (pronounced MarVeen with an accent over the Veen part) feels I may " push envelopes " really far. Even though we do not speak the English language to each other, we understand the universality of spiritual allegory. In other words, we both enjoy real fresh squeezed orange juice, even if it is done discreetly in a mountain tunnel leading to the Vatican basement. All of our recipes are Latin in origin. I spoke to three gentlemen named Harry today and two Douglas's. Clones you say? Only one of them has a ladder I can use. I am really suffering from Amena Fruit Ball Deficiency (AFBD). Our cream of wheat has tasted bland with out this necessary ingredient. DawgBongo had a fit of canine angst over the issue, and bit some hair off of Agent Shooz's rump. Discipline was dispensed with loud exclamations of, " ¿ what the @#%& ?" , in Latin of course, we did not want the children to understand.

April 15, 2002 - Never have we seen such divisiveness. If the truth was plain as day, it is as if, the global consciousness has sun glasses on, knowing full well, that everything is visible under the illumination of atomic energy through a multitude of fresnel type lenses. The only reason I can get away with serving the truth, is that I am real small and carry a light with me. Infact, I am invisible. This is good... Now how do I get YOU to market and sell my new invention. This is how : Sacrificum Deliciae
Papal Pizza, Sacrificum Deliciae.
First ingredients first.
You must have meat and it must be properly prepared. There is a rhythmical cadence, a mantra so to speak, required for full and proper preparation of sacred meat. This has been written before, so therefore, it shall be....
Be mindful, it does not matter if you use old or new meat, it MUST be prepared properly according to ancient precepts. As well, all members of the global community are not exempt, as required by the their highest spiritual governances, from properly preparing meat.
Next week we will you show how to place olives on a Papal Pizza.
A fascinating garnish.

April 14, 2002 A Beautiful Sunday

April 13, 2002 That Seeks Truth

April 12, 2002 - I really lost one day. Unbeknownst to me, a thought injected, a day lost, while thinking about Visigoths, which in turn, developed to meandering meditation on Ulfilas, which spurned my thoughts of errant industrial destiny.For Some, It's A Stairway To Heaven.
So I endured, like an artist,
as I liberated the paint from its prison on the brush.

April 11, 2002 I purchased a three piece aluminum foil summer suit with matching shoes and hat. I am following the advice of my counselor and am acquiring appropriate goggles to match this finery.

April 10, 2002 We Are Reduced To Specialties.
.. I am into the other side of yesterday because I painted myself into a corner. I am almost completely encased in a raspberry patina.
José worked until the end.
I am enjoying a cigarette by candlelight.

April 9, 2002

.. Maniladee blasts through with embedded objects.
Acts 4:11,
that is like a mantra around here ...

I am covered in paint, and I had to use a table to pull this off on my browser.

YingLi chillin', I am still studying that picture of that heart shaped object you sent me.

If I combined all the evident colours,
that would portray the hue I painted my box today.

Desson.. stunning work, but I am afraid "homies" in Zanzibar would not hit it because
it takes too long to load.
More text required.
A Box of Little Matches.
April 8, 2002

[20:23]<mipsy-mipsen>i have to do it on something historical, ..
like the independace day or sumthin lke civil war
but thats nuthing that ilike
[20:27] itz gotta be american?
[20:27] never mind
[20:28] soo howz it been goin over there?
[20:28] i've been paintin' the restarant raspery sherbit ..
[20:28] everythings good heree
[20:29] n i'm paintin the trim chocolate ..
[20:29] i pluked my eyebrows and they got red,
... and i put on eyeshawdo to cover it up and it worked
[20:29] ... n there's these blank white parts
i'm paintin em vanilla rice cream
[20:30] wut the hek wus that
[20:31] server broke n switched ya to anuder one
[20:31] *** AgenteShooz sets mode: +o mipsy-mipsen
[20:33] how bout earth day?
[20:33] earth dya! yeah
[20:34] aks mom tho
[20:34] ok
[20:34] she mite hav a betr idea
April 7, 2002
A Beautiful Sunday
April 6, 2002 - We had a lot of house cleaning to do today. We had to concentrate on the plumbing today for there were several problems with stoppages and leaks. That is me cleaning the toilet.
Clean HouseThe sink was full and the tub had a blue stain in it.

But in all reality, we have several solvents and cleaners at our disposal to get things in order...

I did quite a bit of work with Harry playing into Indy in the backround but the whole system crashed when we got to the Spoils of War movement.
" How appropriate!" ,
was the consensus on that.
This piece is a real challenge.
We are using cotton gloves and masks on this one.
We feel we may have to go slower as this migration should be as pure as possible. I do not want to mess this up.

Have a good day light savings time.
I will see you on the other side of tomorrow.

April 5, 2002 - I just got back from doing some maintenance at the restaurant. Now I have to rush to get ready for my engagement this evening with Ronaldo.... Remember it is Elvis night ! So my evening dispatch may be a little tardy. .. When I came in the house, though, Agent Shooz took some initiative to begin pre production sketches for his new upcoming movie. Here are some rough edits. I will be back.

April 4, 2002 I had I slow day today. Even though I had two very juicy oranges today, I think I should eat more cereals and grains... All Agent Shooz's friends are pounding at the door, the telephone has been ringing off the hook, and emails have been pouring in, .. everyone wants to see " Grip n' The Door ". eel community ufo
I said, " Not NOW! .. We do not have time, we must get to work !" My obsequious devotion to the tasks at hand caused me to raise my voice and demand that they stop entertaining thoughts. I guess it is my time of the month... and then, to make matters more tepid, I went to Cocina Criolla for delectable tostones with a tangy avocado dip, and ran into Annette172. She said that I was not the one, Eal Community is the one, and she showed me the painting on the side of a building to prove it. That was the last straw. I broke down and wept. She said it was alright and not to worry .. that these things take time to resolve.... The queries concerning the " Banana Splits" have been numerous. I have included a sample of the score for your listening pleasure. Friggin Planz
It has two modulations and starts in the key of G. I found the lyrics to be profoundly metaphysical in nature....
I got a preview of the plans for new additions to the restaurant. These include a larger waiting area, which is good, because I have found people need a place to wait. Also, there is an expansion of the bandstand which will allow more musicians to impact the auditory environment.
I have a feeling this is a good job for Ronaldo and I. Oh, I almost forgot..
<strawberry-daiquiri> logged in and assisted on our new Ebay listings. Maybe you will see something you like ? ... We also spent some time assessing technological advancements at www.girltech.com and of course DawgBongo wants the " Password Puppy" .
I feel head achy and puffy..
I should take a nap.

April 3, 2002 - Today is another beans and rice day. I already ate the salad and had Marvin take the dish away. It was actually a long day, considering that I arose late due to sleeplessness brought on by a bizarre dream. Beans I called the restaurant and told them I would be late... Flanscan and I have been working on models and structures for a new design .. while DawgBongo and Agent Shooz reviewed a movie. They said it had an exquisite dialogue with a wonderfully bittersweet ending. Agent Shooz commented that the cinematographer must have been using either a Vinten or Sachtler fluid head; while DawgBongo argued that it was either an O'Connor or Miller, but more likely, a Mitchell because the panning scenes were so " glassine and erotic to go beyond the essences of beauty " . ?¿ Needless to say, both their tastes in movies is indicated by the quality of movie star posters that hang on their bedroom wall. I let them watch the movie over and over again while I tidied up an incredibly cluttered email " in box" ... Jeffree, I am not sure about " Monkee Style" guitars, my sisters and I watched the " Banana Splits" together during that era;.... Maniladee, rest assured, I am praying daily that more people will work at home , and not at a conference or in a hotel room; ... Dijem, my apologies again, but I had so many diverse images to sort through these last couple of days, .. I lost track of time. I am short of grey images today due to residual imaging sustained while having that bad dream last night. Again, I thank God for being alive today.... Two fine people picked me up from the side of the road, an Alpha and a Beta, and steered me on my course once again. Now I must go work on that folk song. Xenx is monitoring my progress to see if I am worthy of that coveted guitar strap.

April 2, 2002 - I had to re examine everything today... I got through to KV today and he is going to pull through on the St. John's Project.Armando's Left Eye Socket Screaming in PainThank God there is a brother out there that knows what a digital divide is. Sunshine58, alias CaRrOt-CaKe, came in with support on the new Ebay list we are putting up, .. this new listing should prove to be spectacular. There are about thirty eight to 345 items in the queue. Desson (aka DJDS1) sent me their new flash presentation. I really like that dancing figure and the beats provide the added professional touch. Jumbotron says those are his beats though. After all, he says, the best beats are generated right here in scenic TTown.  Armd in Jungle AttireI concur that although that may be true, the best dancers are from TTown. Desson, are you sure you did not borrow that dancing figure from me ?.. I gave someone one of my arms today. This may be a problem. We are ArmdTV and have plenty of arms.. and legs, but ... the story must have leaked out about that Leopard Skin guitar strap that I am supposed to get. Now everybody wants it... and they are willing to do precarious things to get it. This is very scary. Little do they know that, I can bend spoons and dodge projectiles because I AM THE ONE. Tomorrow DawgBongo reviews Jean-Pierre's new movie, " Grip n' The Door " .
God Bless .. see you on the other side of tomorrow. I am exhausted and am going to make an ambrosial orange, pineapple, and guava smoothie.

April 1, 2002 - My buddy Greg and I had a wonderful time pushing our peas into the corn grits yesterday. Dealing a hand They were delicious, as was that home-made apple church pie.
He is on his way to Florida,
flying his company's airplane,
to visit some of my friends at SeaWorld.
Greg will make sure the co-pilot is paying attention to those meters and gauges.
CEP971 GodSPeeD over and out. Summation of LOTR Marketing Meeting

.. Frodo Queen dialed in and we discussed LOTR marketing strategies until the wee hours of the evening. We think we have it figured out now. We are sure that our ideas are better than theirs. In fact, there is no doubt about it.

What a busy day today.
Aside from being our father's birthday,
Xenx offered me his special leopard skin guitar strap.
This will go well with my new jungle motif loin cloth. The band will be aghast with envy when I show up at our next gig.
I will be sure to have my new folk song finished by the time I get that strap.
This way, I can do a double surprise on the band.
This is called " strategic planning" .
..... I finally finished processing all those old photographs. Photo FoodWhat a tedious chore !

My hands were like shriveled prunes from the cleaning solutions. But it was well worth it.
Some of the photos are truly remarkable.
There is nothing like a black and white photograph to clean your eye palette.
Kinda like an after dinner mint ... no not really.
I hate after dinner mints.
More like vacuuming under the bed, I think.
They are drying now in a blotter book.
I am using my college accounting book for extra pressure to squash them flat.
Yes, some people think, that is all that accounting books are good for.
Squashing something flat.
March 31, 2002 Heart of Flower


I am going to my sisters to eat peas and grits
with my pal Greg.
March 30, 2002 Steal It NowMade a scrumptious breakfast of
cranberry and banana buckwheat pancakes,

.. I am out of " Amena's Famous Fruit Ballz" ..so I substituted some exploding raisons.

Met Ernie at Exit 8A, got rid of the dish ... man,!
I think I'm going to move to BroikLyn, I really like the way those people talk.

After that, I drove to Ronaldo's job site and saw these wonderful brass things above this store's display area. What fine woodwork, but Ronaldo and I need to take the brass rail things down and sell them on Ebay.
I told him, " jus' take em' down, nobody will notice .."

Ronaldo and I have a company called, P&P Enterprises. We have been working together in the " wreck and reno" business for over thirty years.
Our motto is: " We find 'em, we move um."
This coming Friday we will be doing our famous Elvis night club act for even more extra money.
Ronaldo In Discreet SurroundingsI won't let Ronaldo go to jail without me.
What a dish
I am going to a party with Ronda tonight. She wears nice shoes and is a dancer, you know. Do you think I will get in trouble ? ..
oh man, I better be careful, I have to go to church tomorrow, but how I love to dance. I promise I will not stay out late.

YingLi tell your husband I am sorry but I fell in love with that picture of your eyeball. There is no hope for me. I can't believe tomorrow is another religious holiday .. what will I do?
I will see you at the altar.

March 29, 2002 Hang Up The Phone
I made a delicious " arroz con gandoles" yesterday.
We're going to have to find a way to compress things shortly.
Like the littlest creatures on earth, we will carry our houses with us.
So don't be alarmed when xLAN opens next week with the real small print that exposes the larger truth.
Whatever, it will be off the hook. Hot Coffee Sleeping Moon
I bought some guitar picks today. I think it was the only sale in the music store for the day. " One Dollar of guitar picks please."
I told the nice man behind the counter... my GoD I got up early today , the buffer over-runs have been driving me nuts lately. Maybe I should use more tables. It is getting real hard to control everything, but only the Lord knows how much I hate the coding aspect of things...
much easier to just plug in a toaster, burn bread, and drink some tea.
Isn't it?

March 28, 2002 - This is the only way to do it. Small changes for a new world.
Somebody asked: " how do their brains work?" and " who are they?" How Do Their Brains Work?
I bought some fresh strings for the guitar today, haven't touched it since '74.
I think.
I felt a need to write a folk song, something that is preachy and full of angst ...
as well as, describing the intricacies of intimacies.
It is a shame that I have to wear a costume.

[15:06] <DishTech> what is this :| ?
To answer your question, " :|" is
two brains on a brain stem and we broadcast everyday in everyway. Just think, we're not afraid to put up an antenna or two, and yes we have satellite time, cups, and string.

But you should really stick around a little longer.
We hardly got to know each other. Let us chat.

Well after I cut a couple of pieces of wood, I am going to sit down and write a dusty love song...
another cartoon fantasy.
Cheap Cartoon

March 27, 2002 Well, it is winding down, gravity shift,
that moon rising Sistahs CLiK. What were we talking about?
Rolling a giant mud ball home and getting it stuck on a stick.

First, photography is dangerous.
It allows you no time to take back a piece of life. There is always all those moments that surround your shutter,

just the modifications required to continue..

Desson and son have taken another giant step forward Desson.. I can not wait until they get their site up.
Should not take long,.. . Now to get YingLi and Jumbotronic tightened up.
I am just a hubcap on the side of a grey highway.

March 26, 2002 - Geez it is the 26th already ! I have to stop daydreaming. We finished the renovations and the customers are happy. Here is the before and after shots ..fru fru
Is it freu-freu no ? I don't know.

There are a ton of ways to look at it.

Hey what is to remodeling a bathroom anyway ?

Any executive can do it.

Many are at a " Home Disappointment Store" right now buying tools and materials just to make their spouses happy.
Fourth row in the theater and my eyes are bleeding. Agent Shooz is taunting DawgBongo.. there is a lot of commotion in the office. Spring is in the air and the aroma from a lily on the kitchen table is driving them nuts. This gives DawgBongo the right to bite Agent Shooz on the head while I have to fill out this TUC form. It has a lot of these DO NOT WRITE IN THIS AREA sections. Must be important. Maybe they want me to re-locate or something. Well let us dis-associate some more.