an armdtv will help you

this is plaguing me, can't seem to see the 'what for'
...need help, ain't gettin' it ...makes me want to cry, I can't ...
I'd better do a FlaNsCAn,

transformation image
a fibrolaser-algorthymoneurotic-science-answer-number,
She woke up on the the beach, sleep crumbs fell from her eye sockets like small rocks tumbling off a cliff. They splashed and rolled from her cheeks only to end in space like it never happened. Is this all that occurred or was it it just another one of those cheap 'sci-bermov' files that were still popular. "Shit,... I was dreaming", she slow-motioned through a street to a table.., only to awaken, realize, laying on the beach chaise lounge at YunquePlazResort.
let's look at them and testify , why don't we, maybe we'll get a better grip on what's real.. scene from concierge booth
Paging an anonymous concierge, she decries the popular colloquialism ... "update!..." and is presented the MdK containing immediate info..
"TODAY'S NEWS ... It can't always be any more immediate..."
gaseous nimbus combustibles in Mortician territories,
immediate warnings of current toxicities involving various food chain franchisers (F&F's),
CYCLEX stock plunders (as capitalism raged on) in some unknown info commodity, and AtroCityListings,
...the ACL's interested her.. an inner voice was telling her that looking at the listings would confirm the strange image of cartilage, bauxite, and tomato sauce that she felt was somehow related to her.. as the MdK spilled out descriptions of human carnage, her attention slips her gaze to her nudity all laided out on a beach. But that didn't matter now, she had time on her hands to admire her atmosphere. Everything that was about her presence had the self assurance of a scorpion in a lair.
The development of her IPE SoLutions {corporate entity : Incorporated Peonage Enhanced Systems Limited } had netted her an existance of pure do - nothing -ness and endless stellar transmutations. "Could I have.... , just another bristling query.. just parse it, dammit !...". The sea air wave noises brought the ultraviolets into focus as multiple suns played with the three dimensions ... .
vulva and the ocean roar.
" my oh my, I have to work on this tan . ",
"¡ oh no ! o' me, o' my "
" I'll take three and throw them all away... "
".. they're free.."
. . thus spoke the disk.

in a bar somewhere , ......